Black Swamp Wallaby

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Aug 9, 2020
Ralph Ernesti
Out at a place called Hattah plus a few extra word but to hard to remember them all.
We were beginning to head for home when this Wallaby slowly crossed infront of the car. .
So there was no danger of it being hit.It went to the other side of the road and stopped and it was time to take the chance.
Get out and it could run (hop) off try to get horrible shot out the window. Or do nothing.
I chose to risk it and get out.

It looked as I got out and then as I moved in even closer it stayed right there.
So I took my chance even with the as I think the overly loud click of the shutter on the A7ii.
Is was a good subject.

When I got home I looked it up and it is not even supposed to be in this area not by over 100 kilometer's
giver or take another 100.. So it was a joy to get these shots..
DSC06918.JPG DSC06940.JPG DSC06943.JPG DSC06951.JPG DSC06960.JPG DSC06962.JPG DSC06918.JPG DSC06940.JPG DSC06943.JPG DSC06951.JPG DSC06960.JPG DSC06962.JPG
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