Mistletoebird and Red-rumped Parrot

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Aug 9, 2020
Ralph Ernesti
I have made the biggest break through in my photo life.
I have found out that when my photo's are bad it is down to me and the movement I make while taking the shots.
No longer can I blame the camera but I can blame arthritis on it.
A little side note at one stage on disgracebook I named myself Arthur Riddick. If you say the 2 name together and quickly you will see what it means.

So today I had a quick test run before tomorrows outing with the group and I know if they are bad this is down to me.
So I will take maybe more shots to cover my movement to get the shots I want.
But honestly its good to find this out instead of being frustrated trying to work out what is going wrong.

These are a few shots that happily worked out and both are males of their species.
KRI00028.JPG KRI00036.JPG KRI00093.JPG KRI00106.JPG KRI00110.JPG

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