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Original poster
Apr 1, 2021
James Kendrick
I Understand this is more for sharing/showing off pictures taken with the Sony a7iii rather than asking questions. With that said, I do have a question. Here's two pictures I took of the moon using my 55-210mm lens. I bought this lens because I didn't have much time to decide before my vacation. It's designed for wildlife and impresses with wildlife. However, it also impressed me with the moon.
I'm just curious if anyone here has used a (give or take) 1000mm manual telephoto lens to take pictures of the moon with their Sony A7iii or any Sony E mount camera?
I'm aware that lighting plays a crucial role in pictures, but with the moon being so bright, I can't help but wonder if a $200 manual lens will blow mine out of the water. If anyone is curious what particular lens I'm considering, it's the Nex-3 Manual Focus High Power 1000mm Lens.
Anyone with pictures of the moon, regardless which lens you used, feel free to share.
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Pro Member
Nov 19, 2020
United States
Pembroke Pines/FL
Wait, isn't the 55-210 an E lens as opposed to an FE lens? So are you shooting in crop mode with this APSC lens?
My a6400 didn't come with that kit lens, I got the 18-135, so this is the best I could manage with mine:
I really want to try with something like a 100-400mm lens to see if I can get a good moon-shot in a single exposure.

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