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Tim Driman

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Sep 28, 2020
African Fish Eagles are one of Africa's iconic birds, are often seen perched high on a tree overlooking rivers, ponds, and stretches of inland water.

They have amazing eyesight and when ever I see one scanning a stretch of water, within shooting range, I sit patiently, and wait for the bird to spot a fish, and start it's ascent...

Once you become familiar with this process, it's interesting to notice that these birds have a definite pattern of hunting, which makes life a little easier to capture some very cool images.

Fortunately they fly fly relatively slowly (Compared to birds like the Carmine Bee-eaters) as the ascend on their direct flight path to their next meal.

I hadn't noticed the second bird, which had also been scanning the water from a nearby tree, but clearly the slight movement in the water by the unsuspecting fish, never went unnoticed by both birds... But one was just a little slower, which made this dual effort, just that much more special...


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