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Alan Clark

Original poster
Jul 1, 2021
Alan Clark
United Kingdom
I recently bought an A7R which had been converted to full spectrum so that I could do Infrared photography. (I previously did IR with a converted Canon 400D, but mirrorless cameras allow you to see an IR view in the viewfinder, which is impossible with SLRs, and a huge advantage). I also bought a guide to the A7 and A7R (by Matsumoto and Roullard) and was pleased to discover that these cameras have Sweep Panorama mode, where the camera stitches a number of images together to give a panoramic JPG.

The normal image size is 7360 x 4912 pixels, but in wide panorama mode the image is 12416 x 1856. I found that I can get a panorama rather more than 180 degrees wide if I pan quickly enough (but no too quickly or it complains and refuses).

This is an experimental image with no claim to artistic merit, taken with an 850nm filter.

DSC02503 copy.jpg

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