Was clear in camera but not outside of it

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Aug 9, 2020
Ralph Ernesti
As the title reads is the exact point.
I went out with our local birding group and it was a horrible day.
Birds were hard to come by .
So after a full day out I came home with 77 shots. And in camera they were clear as anything.
I could see the grey colour around the eye ball. So I thought not many photo's at least I will have these to brag about.

I got them downloaded and I just began to delete as I seen the images.
So I thought hold up try to edit on and see if you can save it. But that was a not an on I went deleting them.
I was down to 6 shots of which were only just passable for my own records but not for posting.

Well with me falling a few times I thought maybe I have upset something in the lens.
And I then decided to send the ens away as it may still be under warranty. Though I am not to bothered about that.
Now the long wait has to go on and I will use my RX10 m4 to keep me out there.

It will be interesting to see what is wrong with the lens or is it just me. I don't know.
One thing is for sure I will do soon enough and even if it pushes me to a monopod then so be it.

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