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Nov 5, 2020
Steve Keltner
United States
I'm Steve from the PNW, south central Washington State to be exact and I shoot everything, but mostly Raptors.

I started with Minolta Film in the 90's in college, mostly macro and slides for art classes... painting and prints.

My first digital was a Sony Mavica then a Fuji s7000. Used them for my nerd hobby of painting miniature figures and selling on ebay. I still shot film mostly and made the jump to Sony with an A33 when my Fuji died in 2012. I could use my lenses!

I tried to upgrade to an A65 demo in 2014, but when it arrived, it was dead. The dealer sold me up to an A6000 with both adapters and the rest is upgrade after upgrade. I did get an A65, but sold it with my A33...the A6000 was just so much better for what I did.

Since the 6000...6300, 6500, 7RII, 7III, 7RIII, 7RIV, and A9.

My current kit, A9 for "everything", but Landscapes, mostly wildlife BIF. 7RIV for Landscape, wildlife (APS-C mode alot) and some portrait/wedding. 7RIII Landscape, portrait, and backup.

Lenses:. More than I need.

I am a stay at home husband who spends his time driving around looking for Raptors and Landscapes or selling my art/photo related services when I can.
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