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Windows over to Mac novice.


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Jun 4, 2021
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Russell Webb (snr)
Hi, I have now a Windows 11 64bit, 16GB ram, RTX 2060 GPU and have used Windows for more years than I can remember but now need to go smaller and the Mac Mini from what I have read and searched about seem to fit in with what I need however I have never even seen a Mac in the flesh so to speak.
I need the Mac to be as near equivalent to the specs of the Windows machine I am discarding, needs to be able to run On1 photo Raw 2023 and any new versions that may come out over the next couple years or so and of course other software DXO pure raw, Qimage ultimate, connect to and be able to calibrate a BENQ monitor with palette master software. Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet
Understand need external storage but not that much only amateur use so looking at 1 TB.
Anyone use with On1 software would be helpful.
Many Thanks,
It is unlikely that the software will not be available for Mac OS but the easiest way to check is just visit their website.

As far as the hardware is concerned anything with similar performance will run 200-300 USD, so find what you want in the WinTel world and then find an Apple 200-300 more.
A quick look at the web sites of software you want to run, they all look good for the new macs except Qimage ultimate which needs to tun in a windows simulation software to use it on a mac. As to which mini to get. always the best you can afford or maybe a lower version of the Mac studio, it takes up the same footprint and has more potential