A quick look at 8 key differences between the  Sony Alpha A7III and the Sony A6700

Sony A7III VS A6700

1. Sensor

The Sony A7III features a 24.2MP Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-frame sensor. The A6700 features a 26.0 MP Back-illuminated APS-C sensor.

2. Video

The A7III can shoot up to 4K30p with a 1.2x crop. The A6700 can shoot up to 4K60p with a 1.04x crop & 4K120 with a 38% crop.

3. Autofocus

The Sony Alpha A7III can track humans and animals.    The A6700 is more advanced. It can track humans, animals, birds, insects, cars, trains and airplanes.

4. Shutter

The Sony A7III supports a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000 sec.   The A6700 also supports a shutter speed of 1/8000 but only when using its electronic shutter.

5. Stabilization

The Sony A7III features IBIS with 5.5 steps of correction.   The A6700 also has IBIS but with 5 steps of correction. It also features Active Movie stabilization.

6. File Types

The Sony A7III supports JPEG, uncompressed & compressed RAW files. The A6700 supports compressed RAW & JPEG, but also lossless RAW & HEIF.

7. LCD Display

The Sony A7III display is limited to tilting up by 107 degrees and down by 41. The A6700 features a much more versatile vari-angle display with a slightly higher resolution.

6. LCD Display

6. LCD Display

8. Memory Cards

The Sony A7III has two memory card slots. One supports UHS-II / I SD cards and the other UHS-I only. The A6700 has a single UHS-II / I SD card slot.

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