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Apr 12, 2021
Michael M
United States

I'm so glad to finally find a Sony forum. If you want the tl;dr --- longtime Nikon DSLR user and Sony user who's consolidating to one system.

I have been messing around with one camera or another since I was a little one as my dad taught me to focus and shoot back in the days of the Canon AE-1. Otherwise, he never would have been in any photos.

For years, I had a point-and-shoot as a young adult and just starting out as a parent. Then one day, I saw a mom on my son's t-ball team taking photos and my camera had run out of battery. When she shared her photos of the same kids in the same setting, I was blown away by the results of her Nikon DSLR and glass. I have shot various Nikons through the years up through the full-frame D750.

About 8 years ago, though, I decided I wanted a mirrorless camera to take traveling overseas and the "Stuck In Customs" guy was shooting a Sony. I picked up a used NEX-7 and the rest is history. As time went on, I got an a6500 to travel with and retired the old NEX-7.

A funny thing happened though. I was using the Nikon less often and wasn't really mastering either camera. Frankly, it was getting me down. I had abandoned a hobby that had brought me so much joy.

Then last week, I decided I wanted a change. I wanted a single camera system: Full-frame AND mirrorless. I researched it all and decided that the photos that got me the most compliments and brought me such happiness were those out of the Sony NEX-7. I cleaned out my closet. I sold all of my Nikon gear and my a6500 and I bought an A7r III with an 85 mm/1.8. I took out the NEX-7 this last weekend and took photos at a birthday party and I was in heaven. I still can't believe I got rid of my Nikon glass and DSLR, but the truth is I don't want gear sitting around unused.

For the first time in a while, I am really excited about getting out and taking photos. I used to shoot a lot of youth sports and dance, but my main focus now is street photography and, most of all, portraits. I am notorious for ending up in low-light settings and being stingy on ISO. I was all set for the mark IV, but decided that a) I didn't need or want to manage 61 mp and b) all of the comparisons I could find between the III and IV showed me photos that had me favoring the appearance of what came out of the III at low light. The extra cash will come in handy for glass.

Still planning out my planned lens lineup and my flash solution.

Excited to be here!

Jeff A

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Oct 31, 2020
United States
Elk Grove, California
Have fun and enjoy your new camera.

Timothy Mayo

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Pro Member
Mar 1, 2020
United Kingdom
Welcome Michael and thank you for joining up here and telling us your story. I think you've made a good choice with the a7R III, it's a very capable camera and like say it leaves you with more change for glass. If you have any questions about the site here please don't hesitate to ask!
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