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Tamron 18-300mm

iain clyne

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Apr 9, 2022
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Iain Clyne
My wife is looking at the Tamron 18-300mm to use on her A6000. Has anyone used this lens and if so how did you find it?

You have an A1 don't you Iain?
I do but this is for the wife’s camera.
I understand that. That's why I was asking. A bit rough isn't it? You get an A1, your wife gets an A6000. C'mon... 🥺
I still do some professional work she doesn’t And she chose the A6000.
I conducted a half-assed poll about a year ago on another forum. Of all the 18-XX lenses, the 300 was considered to be the worst. Of course that's an almost 17X zoom, quite a bit even for a superzoom. The 18-105 and 18-135 were both considered very good, the 200 adequate.

Take that for what it's worth. I like to search out sample photos from everyman and ignore you tubers when I want to see the true capability.
I haven't used that lens, but as Tim said, the 18-135 is a great all-rounder. I remember reviews said the zoom on the 18-300 wasn't very smooth, or was it just that it wasn't linear?... please report back when you get to try it!
I have just read Dustin Abbott's review on it and it sounds as if it will do the job so I have ordered one that will arrive on Tuesday. If its no good it will go back.