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Any tips for a decent priced wide angle full frame lens?

Agree Fully Jeff for the niche into which this lens fits...performance is unmatched (y)
Again, the Tamron 17-28/2.8. Why limit yourself to a single FL when you can get top drawer quality with a little flexibility for low dollars?

I did these for one of our clients who had a report due and forgot to schedule their regular photographer. All shots were made handheld with ambient room lighting.

DSC00496 by telecast, on Flickr

DSC00506 by telecast, on Flickr

This is a Water Treatment Plant control room. Our marketing team got their hands on it and it's been used now for dozens of client proposals.

DSC00490 by telecast, on Flickr
Hi all,

Ive found a used Tamron 20mm lens, which I bought for 200 euro's. Very much looking forward to testing it.
Thanks to all of you and your advice. ill share some content as soon as I have some. Cheers!