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Aug 18, 2020
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Northern Virginia Suburbs of Washington, DC
Hi! I am a fairly recent ex-pat from Nikon, having traded in all my Nikon gear on the day I purchased my Sony A7R IV and a few lenses back in November 2019. That said, I wasn't a stranger to Sony gear, though, having had the NEX-7, a few RX100s and the wonderful RX10 IV. I had started thinking about making the Big Switch to FF Mirrorless about a year before I finally did, wrestling with decisions about which body to get and which lenses....and in the meantime Sony introduced more lenses and the fantastic A7R IV, and I knew it was time to jump in.

I'm loving my new gear and have been shooting pretty much on a daily basis with it. I've added a few more lenses to the initial purchase so now have the ones which best suit my preferred shooting, which includes macros and some wildlife. I live on a small lake so there is ample opportunity year-round for capturing images of birds, both "backyard" and waterfowl, and of course the ubiquitous squirrels which scamper around the common area of my condo development. I most love to mess around with macro and tabletop photography so the lens that was at the top of my list on the day I went to make the purchase of the new system was the 90mm macro, and I'm delighted with it. Most of the winter it hardly came off the camera.

After the winter holidays I bought myself the 200-600mm, which I've nicknamed "the Bazooka," and used it to shoot geese and other birds from my condo unit's deck. When spring arrived I had already realized that much as I love the Bazooka, it's just a bit too heavy and awkward for me to carry walking around the lake, so that's when the 100-400mm came into the household, too. It's perfect for my purposes, both with and without the 1.4x TC.

The pandemic and shutdown stuff kind of put a crimp in going out-and-about outside of my own neighborhood but I've been pleased with how much I can find right here to shoot and am thoroughly enjoying using my camera and lenses!

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