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sony a7 iv

  1. candasulas

    Sony A7 IV  Uncompressed 14 bit 6 FPS Shooting? Compressed 12-bit 10fps Shooting?

    I have Sony A7 IV body. I usually take street photos, landscapes, sunsets, nature and rarely portrait photos. What I'm asking is, is it okay if I use 12-bit RAW instead of 14-bit? Will I experience a noticeable loss in photo quality? I know that 14 bits is always better than 12 bits. But...
  2. M

    Sony A7 IV  Sony A7 IV flash

    Hi, New user, new member (be gentle) ;) Previously a Canon user, now I have moved on to Sony and have myself a shiny new Sony A7 IV, something annoying I was not aware of (my own stupid fault), was the issue with the hot shoe and how it is an incredibly tight fit on non Sony flash units, I...
  3. evacguy

    Swans - thread

    I've changed this post to a thread on swans, please feel free to contribute your swan shots to this thread. These swans were on the duck pond outside the Princess of Wales pub on Blackheath. The pond had frozen over but the swans were breaking their way through it. When they reached the shore...
  4. evacguy

    Newbie says hello

    Many thanks for accepting me into the fold. I love engineering light to create art, to capture beauty, to share moments, to freeze time and to physically connect to other worlds. I only tookup photography as a serious hobby in March 2022, when I purchased, after much research, a Sony A7iv...
  5. candasulas

    Hi, From Istanbul, TR

    Hello everyone I've been taking photos as an amateur since 2008. I usually shoot street, landscape and sometimes portraits. Canon 450D, 550D, Nikon D90, D7100, Sony A6000, A6300 Sony A7II, A7RII, A7RIII and finally I am using Sony A7 IV with Sigma 24-70 F2.8 Art DG DN with Sigma Art 35mm F1.4...
  6. Timothy Mayo

    Sony A7 IV  Sony a7 IV Images and First Impressions

    With the a7 IV now being delivered in Europe I thought I'd create a thread where early owners can share their first photos and impressions. My own a7 IV arrived today and fortunately the sun managed to shine long enough for me to grab a few shots of Frank. All shots are SOOC JPEGs taken with...