interesting facts on sony a1 buffer speeds on you tube

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Paul stuart

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Aug 29, 2020 nice to know what you are gaining with type a cards over sd i will not be purchasing any type a cards at the prices at the moment well once you factor in a £100 for card reader ,i could buy my self a nice macro lens ,ill wait for the delkin cheapo version to hit the shops then i might consider ,but i love the sony tough durability what are your views? Also good to know the sd card does not bottleneck against the type a card if writing jpeg simultaneous

Clix Pix

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Aug 18, 2020
United States
Northern Virginia Suburbs of Washington, DC
I use Sony Tough SD cards in the A7R IV and when I bought the A1 I bought a couple of the new CFExpress Type A cards for it -- they really ARE faster! Wow! But, yeah, very, very pricey. As it happened, while I was waiting to get my A1 I went ahead and got the Sony CF Express Type A/SD card reader and use it for my SD cards, too, so that when I finally got my hands on the A1 I was ready to go....

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