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Mar 1, 2020
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I've implemented a new feature on the forum that basically mirrors any images that are posted into the niche forums (wildlife, landscape etc) into their respective media gallery categories.

What are the benefits to doing this?

There are a few:

1. Before it was only possible to like and comment on the entire post, not individual images within that post. With mirroring enabled you can now click on an image and when it opens in the larger window you'll see options to like and comment on that specific image.

2. If you have not stripped the metadata from the images you upload, this will now also be displayed when you click on the image and will also work for thumbnails not just full sized images.

3. It's never really been easy to view images within a forum without lots of clicking into the different forums and threads. Now you have the option to simply view the different categories in the media gallery to see all of the latest image uploads.

How to identify mirrored images?
If you are viewing an image in the gallery then you'll be able to see which images have been mirrored as they will say "Originally Posted In" followed by the thread name. Clicking on this link will take you to the original thread/post where the image was uploaded. If you don't see this text/link then the image was a direct upload to the media gallery and it hasn't been mirrored from a forum.


Can I disable this?
If you wish to disable this completely then you can do so from within your account preferences.


Please note that I'm working on another new feature for the forum that will display images and allow you to filter them based on the forum which they were posted in and/or the members that you follow. For this to work correctly mirroring will need to be enabled I'm afraid.

There's also the option to disable this on individual threads/posts if it makes sense to. For example, you might post a photo of a tripod in the wildlife forum, whilst this might make sense if the thread is about tripods for wildlife photography, it doesn't make sense for a tripod to suddenly appear in the wildlife category in the media gallery.

If you are creating a new thread you will see the following option to disable mirroring:


If you are replying to an existing post then you will see the following:


There may be some bugs!
As with any new feature there might be some bugs! Please let me know if you spot any! :)

I've only implemented this for the niche forums for the time being. I'll see how it goes and consider implementing it for the camera forums at a later date.

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Well done on this and I have no idea how you can do this sort of stuff as it is well over my head.
This is why I am not running a site as you are.
Great work and like what you have done.
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Well done on this and I have no idea how you can do this sort of stuff as it is well over my head.
This is why I am not running a site as you are.
Great work and like what you have done.
Cheers Aussie. Sorry for just replying here, somehow it slipped by me. The forum software that this site runs on provides a lot of features out of the box, then for what it doesn't I have a very good developer who can do pretty much anything :) So my job isn't too difficult really, other than keeping everything running smoothly and dreaming up new features like InstaView. Glad that you are still enjoying it! All being well it will grow a little bigger this year.

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