Completed Sony 128Gb M Tough SDXC UHS-II (SF-M128T) Brand New

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Mike Renny

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Aug 4, 2020
United Kingdom
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Hi everyone

I have for sale a brand new Sony 128Gb M Tough SD Card (SF-M128T). The Memory card was exchanged through the Sony Replacement Program and is now surplus to requirements - See Tim's article here for further details:-

The brand new replacement card arrived yesterday but did not come in any retail packaging even though I sent Sony the faulty card in the retail box! Amazon currently sell this for £78.88 - in fact when I purchased the original card that needed replacing I paid £86 for it! - I'm looking for £60 delivered which represents a saving of 24% on Amazons current price.

Unfortunately for our forum friends from overseas the sale is open to UK members only due to the prohibitive costs to send overseas........ Sorry!

Feedback wise I've been an active seller on ebay for years now and you can see my ebay seller feedback on the following link to see that I am a trusted and genuine seller! :-

Payment by UK Bank Transfer or PayPal Gift please.

M128_1.jpg M128_2.jpg M128_3.jpg M128_4.jpg
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