Need help with video for a7r4


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Aug 21, 2020
Hi everyone I have a question I have shot video over the years with a video cam and decided to try it with my A7R4 I been shooting 4k mode
and have a Samsung 4k 75 inch tv for playback .. one thing that is really bugging me is I shoot a lot of wildlife photos and videos and
have had the a7r4 set to 24fps and 30fps and the proper shutter speed for both ..double the fps when viewing the finished rendered video
every thing is just beautiful except if out on the prairie where there is a lot of grass I get this like a flicker on anything that is in the bright sun
in the background its likes flashes other wise if videoing anything else do not get that any body run into this or is this is what you get?
I checked some old video I took with my Sony AX53 and there is a hint of it also but nothing like the A7R4

Thank you



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Sep 14, 2020
Are you always shooting into the sun when this happens? Do you press movie back-button or select movie on top mode dial?

This may be tricky to diagnose unless someone else has found a solution from their experience. I have noticed on my 7R iv that certain combinations of menu settings can impact performance of other functions.

I occasionally find fixes or at least workarounds from viewing YouTube expert's vids on tips or tutorials. I recall reading that there are certain performance restrictions depending on whether using back-botton or mode dial. Try using both.

As a last resort, read the litany of bullet-points entitled NOTE on page 234 of 7riv Users Guide Manual. There are several points that may apply to your issue, including shooting in bright environments.
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