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Feb 24, 2024
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Not too long ago, I upgraded from an Alpha A65 to an A77 II. Since that time, I have not had a lot of luck getting clear photos. I am photographing items to list online, using a tripod and a remote shutter release button. There are times when the photos are not in focus. Some of the items are bigger or wider, which could be part of the problem. I have tried to follow people's advice, but nothing has worked. I will admit that the lighting where I am photographing is not that great (we will be making changes at the warehouse sometime soon, I hope). I did purchase the A77 II used, so perhaps there is a problem with the camera itself (it had less than 15,000 shutter releases on it).

I am looking at either the A7 IV or the A7R IV (or V). Will either of these cameras help me to get clearer shots? I am hoping that with the much higher number of auto focus points, that it will work better. I rarely shoot video, so the 4K issues that I read about with the A7R IV should not be an issue for me.
I have tried different auto focus settings, but nothing seems to work. I got fewer blurry shots with my A65 (I was hoping that the A77 II would do better). I am unable to do manual focusing, as I just can't see the screen well enough (or through the viewfinder). I do feel that the A7R V would be the best choice. I will be purchasing the adapter to run my A mount lenses on the new camera. I am also considering the HVL-F60M flash.

If anyone can give me some guidance on this, your input will be greatly appreciated. This will be a large purchase for me, so I want to get it right (if it is the right way to go).

P.S. My main go to lens is a Sigma 18-300 F3.5-6.3 DC. I know it is not the ideal lens for great shots, but it has served me well for many years now. Sigma doesn't make a comparable lens for the E mount cameras, and the Tamron is not getting very good reviews.

P.P.S. With the money that I will spend on one of the A7 models, I might also be able to get an A99 II body. Would it be a better way to go?
Any of the cameras you mention are more than capable of turning out great results. Unless you actually want to buy a new camera I'd look into the A77 some more. We may be able to help if you post some images showing the issue.

It is possible that if the images were clear on the A65 and not on the A77II using the same lens, that you have a micro focus issue. This is adjustable and needs to be set for each lens. I've included one link below, you can find others. It's also possible that if you bought the camera used, someone else has created some settings for another version of the same lens, or even an unrelated setting that is affecting the camera. Try a factory reset in the toolbox menu. It will put the camera back to the way it was set new.

There's only so much we can do remotely. I recommend you seek out a local individual who can help troubleshoot. autofocus, half-press the shutter to focus Switch,aufofocus, the lens does not need micro adjustment
If you do go mirrorless the A7iv would be a better choice for you. You are using the photos for online then 61MP is way to much . Also a camera like the A7Riv is less forgiving and will show up any flaws in your photography. The A7iv also has better focusing, not that the A7Riv is bad.
He wouldn't be shooting 61MP. His main lens is an APS-C model so he'd be shooting in that mode.