a7R IV Menu Settings for Touchscreen AF Tracking when using EVF

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Sep 14, 2020
Several people who predominately use EVF-shooting mentioned they weren’t familiar with using touch-screen functionality when using EVF on a7R iv. So I thought I’d publish the menu settings for any of those wanting to try out this option.

I opted to have it available when the conventional real-time AF wasn’t working well --- being unable to track one specific subject (target) when moving amongst other subjects in crowds or non-contrasting settings.

Although I customarily use AF-ON, BB-focusing, extended spot focus, etc --- there are situation where I find the touch screen advantageous while still using EVF. You simply initiate touch screen, then use your thumb moving across monitor screen (pad) while observing the crosshairs in the viewfinder and placing the crosshairs on the subject in EVF in order to lock-on that person, animal, or object.

It functions much like the old Lock-On feature on the a7Rii. It’s really quite simple and easy once you get used to it. Takes only a day or so of practice, since your thumb is conveniently close to the monitor screen when viewing through EVF. Below are menu settings I copied from my notes from manual.

In addition to the instruction panels below, I created a short video tutorial to explain and demonstrate with examples, how the Touch Screen function works using the EVF:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Touch Screen using EVF (tutorial)



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