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Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mount adapter question


Apr 15, 2022
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Nick Gattuccio
United States
Portland, Oregon
I'm one of the many moving out of Nikon and converting to Sony. I'm purchasing an a7iv and the Sigma 24-70mm Art lens; however, I have several Nikkor lenses and am considering using the Monster adapter rather than trying to sell them off. My question, though, is about performance and I would love to hear from those of you that may be using this Monster adapter with Nikkor lenses on the alpha series cameras.

I should add that my Nikkor lenses are all of the AF-P and AF-S type, whose autofocus functionality is (technically) supported by the Monster adapter. What have your experiences revealed about this?

Thanks in advance for your insights!
I used the Vello adapter which was supposed to cope with the Nikkor 200-500 but it didn't AF with it while it did OK with the 300mm PF. Apparently this kind if experience isn't uncommon with Nikon lenses.
I don't think you will find any that work properly. The Canon lenses work well with the Sigma adaptor, because the contacts and the way the lenses communicate are similar (I wouldn't be surprised if Sony mimicked them), but Nikon are quite different and no one has yet made a good adaptor. I ditched my Nikon lenses and bit the bullet to go to Sony specific only.
Thanks for the feedback. There is a suggestion among post online that a (supposedly) v3 firmware update might solve many of the Nikon-related issues, but I'm remaining skeptical until I hear positive feedback on the street. Again, thanks!
Adapter makers have to decode the lens electrical signals.
Nikon doesn't give this information away and the makers appear to encounter difficulty in reverse engineering. More so with Nikon than with Canon.
In late 2019 I said "sayonara" to Nikon and the bodies and lenses that I had accumulated and used over time and traded the whole lot in on my current Sony gear. I don't regret this decision at all. I knew that I wouldn't be fiddling around with trying to use two systems or trying to fit lenses from one system on to another with adapters.....and for me it has been a great experience just working with my Sony bodies and lenses, no fuss, no muss.....