Like many ultra-wide lenses, the Sony 12-24 F4 G (SEL1224G) has a bulbous glass element that protrudes from the front of the lens, there is also no filter thread. This lens design makes it very difficult to use standard filter holders. Thankfully there are some holders that have been designed specifically for the Sony 12-24 lens.

So far I know of only 3 companies who have developed a filter holder for the 12-24, these are: Nisi, Kase, and Fotodiox. If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments below.

NiSi S5 150mm

The Nisi S5 150mm filter holder is constructed with aluminium alloy using CNC technology. It includes an integrated rotating PRO CPL that can be rotated using gears on the back of the holder. It also supports two 150mm filters without vignetting through 360 degrees of rotation.

Sony Ambassador Mark Galer gives a great demonstration of the Nisi S5 in this video.

The Nisi S5 costs $440 and can be purchased direct from Nisi.

NiSi Q 150mm

The Nisi Q 150mm for the Sony 12-24 F4 lens also supports two rectangular filters with no vignetting. However, it does not include or support an additional circular polarizer like the new S5 model does.

This video from Nisi demonstrates the NiSi Q 150mm filter holder on the Sony 12-24.

The Nisi Q costs $169 / £149 and can be purchased from: Adorama, B&H Photo and

Kase 150mm

The Kase 150 filter holder is designed using 6063 aviation aluminium-alloy and supports their Wolverine 150 x 150 & 150 x 170mm square filters. It can hold up to 3 x 150mm filters, this includes the option for a 150mm square CPL filter.

This video demonstrates the Kase 150mm with the Sony 12-24

Further details on the Kase 150mm can be found here.

The Kase 150mm holder costs £127 and can be purchased directly from the Kase Online Store. There are currently no distributors in the US/Canada unfortunately.

Fotodiox WonderPana

The Fotodiox WonderPana filter holder for the Sony 12-24 is designed for 145mm filters.

Sony 12-24 Filter Holder Fotodiox Wonderpana

The Fotodiox WonderPana is available in 3 different bundles:

WonderPana 145 Core

  • 145mm Filter Thread Enabled
  • Included 145mm Lens Cap

Price: $124.95 – Available from:,,, B&H Photo

WonderPana FreeArc Core

  • Rotating Filter Stage
  • 6.6″” Filter Enabled via Included Brackets
  • 145mm Filter Thread Enabled
  • 6Included 145mm Lens Cap

Price: $199.95 – Available from:,,, B&H Photo

WonderPana Absolute Core

  • Allows Lee SW-150mm Filter Holder to be Attached
  • Allows Cokin Z-Pro 100mm Filter Holder to be Attached
  • 45mm Filter Thread Enabled
  • Included 145mm Lens Cap

Price: NA

Are you using any of these filter holders already? It would be great to know your thoughts in the comments below. I don’t own the Sony 12-24, but it’s most definitely on my wish list!

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  1. Hello,

    I have been using the fotodiox wonderpana system on my old sigma 12-24 HSMii on my sony a7, which I’m thinking about replacing for the sony sel1224g.

    At the time I bought it, there weren’t to much uga lens even less filter systems. I chosed the fotodiox system, because at that time seamed to me to be the most complete and well made. It was the only one to have cpl filter, and to combine circular filters with square ones.

    The Nisi s5 seems to have similar approach.

    Few shots taken with the fotodiox system

  2. Hi,
    You wrote wrong links to Nisi S5. That links for the old design which was not able to use circular poariser. If somebody doesn’t carefuly check before order based on your article, he will be very disappointed when he receives his Nisi (not S5) holder which is not able to use circular polarisers.
    The new Nisi S5 for Sony 12-24 is much more expensive and only preorder available now

    • Thank you very much for pointing that out Balaza! Apologies for my mistake. I’ve updated the links and added additional clarification on the difference between the new Nisi S5 and their older Q system. It looks like the S5 is now shipping direct from Nisi, but is still pre-order at many other places. All the best, Tim

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