In today’s social media driven world you can pretty much guarantee that within minutes seconds of a new camera launch, your YouTube feed will start filling up with social media influencers who have been invited for an early hands on of the latest gear. In this instance, that gear is the new Sony a7 III.

Here are some of the early a7 III review videos on YouTube that are worth a watch.

Jason Lanier

Sure he’s a Sony Ambassador, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at this excellent early review from Jason Lanier. He demonstrates exactly what what this camera is capable of in the real world.






Max Yuryev



Jared Polin


Tobias Gelston from Photo Rec TV




Richard from PhotoGearNews


Steve Huff


If you’d like to learn more about the a7 III then I’ve written a comparison between the a7 II and the a7 III that compares 12 key differences between these two cameras.

The new a7 III will ship in April and is priced at approximately $1,999 USD, £1,999 / €2,299 (body only) or $2199 USD, £2,199/ €2,499 in a kit with the SEL2870 lens.

Pre-orders have started at:, Adorama, B&H Photo in the US. It’s not clear if they will also start in the UK on Wednesday at, and Park Cameras. The a7 III will also be available at many other online retailers and your local camera stores.

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