Pre-orders have now started for the new Sony SF-G Tough Series of UHS-II SD cards targeted at photographers who want the best possible protection for their images.

sony sf-g tough sd cards

You can pre-order the new Sony SF-G Tough Series of UHS-II SD Cards from the following stores, shipping is planned for later this month:

SF-G32T/T1 | Adorama ($74.99)
SF-G64T/T1 64GB – | Adorama ($134.99)
SF-G128T/T1 | Adorama ($274.99)

SF-G32T/T1 (£84.99) | Wex Photo (£79.95) | Park Cameras (£79.99)
SF-G64T/T1 (£159.99) | Wex Photo (£154.95) | Park Cameras (£156.99)
SF-G128T/T1 (£299.99) | Wex Photo (£299.95) | Park Cameras (£299.99)

These prices make them about 25% more expensive than the the standard Sony SF-G UHS-II SD cards which are currently priced on Amazon as follows:

Sony ($59) | (£60)
Sony ($108) | (£120)
Sony ($215) | (£220)

Is this a premium that you are willing to pay? Let me know in the comments below.

Personally I have all the SD cards that I need for now and I’ve never had any issues with my current cards (a mix of Sony and SanDisk), so I’m probably not going to be investing in these tougher cards just yet.

However, if I was shooting a lot in harsh environments then I would probably be willing to spend the extra to give myself the peace of mind that my images have the best possible protection.

About the New Sony SF-G Tough Series

The new SF-G Tough SD cards are 18 times stronger than standard SD cards, bend proof to 180N, drop-proof to 5 meters, waterproof to a depth of 5 meters for up to 72 hours (IPX8 rating), and dustproof with an IP6X rating.

The cards feature a one-piece ribless structure and don’t have the common lock switch. On top of this they are also X-ray proof, magnet proof, anti-static and temperature proof.

Just like the Sony SF-G UHS-II cards currently available, they have read speeds of up to 300MB/s and write speeds of up to 299MB/s making them the world’s fastest SD card.

They also include an SD Scan Utility which allows the user to check that the card is good condition, and File Rescue Software which can recover data and photos that might have accidentally been deleted.

Here’s a marketing video talking about the new cards.

And a rather silent video introducing the new cards.

And another video (with sound) demonstrating exactly how touch these new memory cards are.

Full product details on the new memory cards can be found on Sony’s website here.

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