As well as the new HVL-F60RM wireless flash announced today, Sony also announced a new release cable for their tiny DSC-RX0 camera that enables dual camera shooting.

The cable basically allows you to sync your Sony Alpha OR Cyber-shot camera up with an RX0 to enable simultaneous photo/video capture using only the main camera’s release button.

The new VMC-MM2 release cable will be available starting in April for $50 USD, £50, €55.

VMC-MM2 Cable

Full Press Release Text:

Sony today announced the latest addition to its family of RX0 solutions with the launch of a new Release Cable, model name VMC-MM2. Helping to break down barriers to shooting style and image expression, the VMC-MM2 is a new solution for convenient dual-camera shooting, freeing the user to capture two different forms of content simultaneously.

The ultra-compact dimensions and superb image quality offered by the RX0 make it the ideal accompaniment to other cameras for dual-camera capture. Combining the RX0 with other Sony α™ or Cyber-shot® cameras[i] via Multi Interface Shoe™[ii] or via bracket/rig, photographers can use the RX0 as a sub camera to concurrently shoot high quality images. VMC-MM2 realises simultaneous photo/movie shooting[iii] with just a single press of main camera’s release button.It enables the user to capture one moment in two different ways, with a variation of angle of view, depth of view or frame rate amongst other things, delivering two different forms of expression and thus increasing the amount of content captured and extending the potential offering to clients. Its coiled cable design with right-angle connector keeps the cable tidy, and clear of the EVF whilst shooting.

This form of dual-camera shooting is especially useful for wedding, event and press conference photographers and journalists. It offers the opportunity to capture multiple perspectives using different angles of view that can be edited and packaged into an impactful series of work.

The new VMC-MM2 will ship in Europe in April, 2018 priced at approximately £50/€55.

[i] Refer to the Sony support page for camera compatibility information:

[ii] Shoe Mount not included

[iii] To synchronise movie REC/STOP, the main camera must assign “Movie w/ shutter” to its release button

Personally I’ve not been too interested in the RX0 till now, my Garmin Virb Ultra 30 sits quite happily on my hot shoe when I want to take photos and record video. But it is a pain to turn on and off. I might have to give the RX0 some serious thought now 🙂

Visit the the VMC-MM2 product page for further details.