Pre-orders for the new Sony FE 400mm F2.8 GM Monster Lens (SEL400F28GM) have now started.

So if you happen to have $11,998.00 to spare in the USA, or £10,499 in the UK, then you can pre-order this mega lens from the following stores:

US: Adorama, B&H Photo
UK: Wex Photo, Park Cameras

Or check with your local camera store.

There are some early reviews already out from those lucky enough to have been invited to Sony’s press event in New York. However, I’d recommend taking them with a pinch of salt until the real world reviews start coming in, which probably won’t be until September time.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Matt Granger

Patrick Murphy-Racey

Richard – Photo Gear News

Ted Forbes – The Art of Photography

Steve Huff

Gordon Laing – CameraLabs

Sony Camera Channel

Jared Polin

If the price tag of the Sony FE 400mm F/2.8 GM is too high, then take a look my FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM lens review which is certainly more affordable and still delivers exceptional results.

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