Lens manufacturer Cosina has provided more details for their Voigtlander Macro APO-Lanthar 110mm F2.5 lens that was announced at CP+ in March. The full-frame E-mount lens is due to begin shipping in August 2018, and will have a price of approximately $1099/£850.

You can already pre-order the lens from Adorama in the US, and Wex Photo or Robert White in the UK.


The manual focus lens offers 1:1 macro with a closest focusing distance of just 35cm. It uses three floating lens groups for focusing to ensure optimal quality at all distances.

The lens also has electric contacts enabling transfer of aperture and focusing information to the camera. The contacts also allow manual focus assistance to be triggered by turning the focusing ring.

Quick Specs

  • Full frame Sony E-mount with electrical contacts
  • Apochromatic optical design that eliminates chromatic aberrations
  • Optical design optimized for digital imaging sensors
  • Maintains high image quality at all shooting distances with a 3-group floating mechanism
  • Extremely solid and durable all-metal barrel
  • Manual focus for precise focusing
  • Maximum reproduction ratio of 1:1 at a minimum focus distance of 35 cm

For the full specifications see the Cosina website.

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